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Am I Living With An Opiate Addict?

Opiate addiction is a dangerous and terrible situation. No one grows up thinking that they will become addicted to drugs nor do they plan on it happening. When you come to the realization that you are addicted and handcuffed to opiates, it is a scary and lonely time. While active in addiction, you will have major changes in motivations and your personality. These changes in your actions and emotions can greatly hurt the relationships you have with those you are close with.

Very frequently I speak with people who love someone who is addicted to opiates. In many cases, they contact me because they are not 100% sure if they are addicted but they have their suspicions. I tell everyone the same thing, if you feel like something is off with the person you love, you are probably right. Do not hold your feelings in. Time and time again people keep their suspicions and feelings to themselves and before they are able to talk to the addict about their thoughts, the addict passes away. The person then lives with unnecessary guilt thinking that it is their fault for never talking about the problem.

Loving someone who is addicted to opiates can be exhausting and can test your patience. It will seem that something is very different about them and they may be emotionally distant. They will not take as good of care of themselves as they used to. Many addicts will lose or gain a lot of weight. They will not be as well manicured and may dress in comfy clothes more often than they used to. It will seem as though they never have money for anything. This is because all of their extra cash will go towards their habit. If they are constantly nodding out watching television or if they have very small pupils they may be abusing opiates. (This doesn't mean for certain that they are, it's just a possible sign.)

How do you approach someone who you love and believe is abusing opiates? This is never an easy thing to deal with. There are ways to bring up the subject and not have it become negative. Explain to your loved one that you love them very much and will do anything they ever need. Explain that you are concerned with their health because you have been noticing some changes in them. Tell them to not take offense and that you are only approaching them because you are worried that they are in a bad place in their life. Tell them that at any time they can come to you to talk and that you will support them no matter what. When you are open and not pushy addicts know that when they are ready they can come to you.


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