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West Virginia Senator Creates Opiate Prescription Drug Abuse Caucus

The opiate epidemic is in full swing around the country. We are losing too many people to the epidemic and two U.S. Senators want to help curb the problem. Senator Joe Manchin from West Virginia and Tim Scott from South Carolina have launched a prescription drug abuse caucus to raise awareness about prescription drug abuse.

“Our state and our entire nation have truly reached a crisis point, and ignoring the problem is simply unacceptable,” Manchin said. “We have a responsibility – especially to our children – to stop the scourge of prescription drug abuse. Far too many Americans have been affected by this growing epidemic, far too many families have been torn apart, and far too many lives have been lost.”

Everyone can agree that much has to be done about the epidemic. It has gotten to a point where the abuse is completely out of control. The majority of people know at least one person who has battled or died from opiates. Senator Manchin believes that the epidemic should be approached from all angles because to really make an impact, you need to go after it from many different areas.

“I have made a promise to the people of West Virginia and to the American people that I will do everything I can to beat this epidemic, save hundreds of thousands of lives, and help those recovering return to the lives they once enjoyed, drug-free,” he said.

Senator Scott said the problem has been devastating too many families. “This is a problem we must tackle from every angle, and I look forward to working with Senator Manchin and our colleagues in the Senate to find solutions and save lives,” he added.

The prescription drug abuse caucus is a bipartisan effort to raise awareness about the significant harms of prescription drug abuse. "With 46 Americans dying every day from an overdose on prescription opioids, the US Senate must act," the joint press release stated. "The members of this Caucus will work together and with stakeholders toward innovative and effective policy solutions that address prevention, treatment, and more to help every community overcome this devastating problem."

Politicians coming together from different parties to work towards the same goal is great. Fighting this epidemic is a movement that everyone wants to get behind. Far too many people are losing their lives and the majority of those lives lost can be prevented with the right care and education.


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