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Moving Forward With Your Life In Opiate Recovery

You have made it through the tough withdrawals and the fight against your own mind. It was horrendous and one of the toughest challenges you have ever been through. Each day in recovery got a little easier and before you knew it, you got your first good night of sleep. Things seem to be going in the right direction and you start to question a lot of things in your life. One of the biggest questions that one may ask after recovery is, "Are you living your life to the fullest?"

When you can no longer hide behind the mental fog of opiates, you have to take back control of your life and learn how to face stresses of life without turning to drugs. You may have a little mess that you created while you were using with Friends and Family.  Do not jump right in and try to fix everything at once. Give yourself a good amount of time to pick up the pieces. If you try to take on too much at one time, it may all come crashing down which could cause you to relapse.

A frequent topic that comes up in conversation is whether you will still be able to have fun and smile or even be social again after opiates. I know exactly where you are coming from asking those questions but when you have clean time and look back at it, you can not believe what a grip those drugs had on your life. Of course you will be happy and smile again. In fact, I can almost promise that you will be happier than you ever were when you were a slave to the drugs. The drugs provide such a shallow and fake mood. You are constantly worried about when the high will run out and you will have to get more.  The anxiety of that alone never lets you be truly happy.

Where will your life take you now that you are clean? It is obvious to me that the overwhelming majority of the people I speak with were not living their lives to the fullest. They were held back by the power the drugs had over them. Every action and thought must first be approved by the drug. If it may affect your ability to get high or obtain the drugs, then it is not something you would be able to enjoy. Knowing that nothing is in the way (drugs) of you completing your goals is an incredible feeling. You can take on the world and accomplish anything you want to do.  You can actually travel because you no longer are handcuffed to getting your drugs.

Being clean is a great accomplishment and the mystery of what is next in your life can be extremely exciting. I get so pumped for the people I talk with because they have the world at their fingertips again and in my opinion, no one is more motivated than someone who has been given their life back.


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