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Why Opiates Such as Painkillers and Heroin Are So Popular

Prescription painkillers have made headline news the past few years. They are considered the gateway to deadlier drugs such heroin. In many people's minds, they believe that painkillers are much safer than heroin and because of these false presumptions, younger and younger people are becoming hooked on these drugs.

Teenagers look at the drug as not being too dangerous because it can be found in their own parent's medicine cabinets. These teenagers think nothing of it but if those same teens found heroin in their parent's medicine cabinet they would react completely different. Teens need to look at prescription painkillers as heroin because in reality, they are quality controlled opiates and affect the brain the same way.

The scariest part about the drugs are how addictive they become. It does not take someone using these drugs for long periods of time to get hooked. You do not need an “addictive personality” to become addicted to opiates either. After a few times of using them for recreation, the seed will be planted in the brain and cause your body and brain to crave more. Many people will convince themselves that the issue is not a big deal. They will use only a couple of times and think they do not have a problem. They will continue to take the drug because they feel energetic and a great deal of euphoria. In the beginning, the habit is not expensive and you can hide it very easily. Your physical appearance is still the same and you have money in your bank account. But before you know it, that all changes.

You will have severe changes in your mood and desires. All motivations in your life will begin to turn to how to continue using the drug. Everything that was important to you before, takes a backseat to your drug of choice. Then the first time you run out, you realize how dependent you are on the substance. The first taste of withdrawal is terrifying. You have no idea what is going on and in many people's cases, they didn't even know what withdrawal was. You start to research your symptoms and you understand the problem you have created. You do not want to feel the way you do, and you are not prepared to face withdrawal so you go out and use more.

Thousands of people are in this predicament. The drugs started off so innocently and now you are stuck in a place you never thought possible. The good news is you do not have to live this way forever. You can get clean and live a great life. Do not fear withdrawal and the quicker you get off of the drugs, the less your withdrawal symptoms will be and the sooner you will live a sober and healthy life.  If you or someone you know is addicted to opiates, please seek professional medical help.


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