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19 Bills To End The Opiate Epidemic

Senator Jim Merritt is known for sponsoring various bills every year. Over the past few years, he has helped to create legislation that have changed the lives of Americans. However, things seem to be different this year. In fact, the Indianapolis Republican has indicated that he intends to spend more than three tomes the number of bills that he usually manages in a year. Most significantly, 19 out of his bills are meant to address the opioid epidemic that has thrown Americans into panic. Although these bills have yet to be discussed, there is no doubt that they are already generating a lot of debate.

Merritt has spend the better part of the last eighteen years at the Governor’s Task Force on Drug Enforcement Treatment and Prevention. He says that through his contributions at this level, he has understood what is ailing Indiana and the country in general when it comes to drugs. He, therefore, aims to use this knowledge to ensure that this problem is stumped out once and for all. Among his plans, he suggests that there should be new recovery programs that will e accessible to everyone who needs them. In addition to that, he believes that there should be strict laws that govern the way opiates are prescribed.

The senator is determined to make this work. He has optimism that even tough there are many other bills that have failed to address this problem, it will be solved at last. He thinks that these bills are just the starting point of an all-out attack. Indeed, the illegal use of prescription drugs has led to unfortunate situations with families as well as communities suffering the harsh aftermath. Heroin has mad the situation worse because when people get addicted, and they cannot get enough opiates anymore, they turn to heroin which is a cheaper and more available option.

The senator says that this is going to take at least five years. He also anticipates that it will require two budget sessions before the desired results are achieved. This is because there is already a deep hole that needs to filled. While revealing his plans, he also indicated that this time, there is need to follow a well laid strategy. That is the reason why his bills seek to include everyone who is involved in the fight against opioids abuse. He strongly stated that it will be quite difficult to fight drugs when leaving out the people who are so much involved in the process.

This is not a new course for senator Merritt. Anyone who has been following his work knows that over the last four years, he has been quite instrumental in the fight against drug abuse in Indianapolis. He is just building on the foundations that he has already laid down and that is the reason why he has more bills this year. Fr those who have felt the effects of drug abuse, they can only wish that the senator succeeds. Overdoses and addictions should no loner be a normal thing.


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