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36 Charged In Ocean County NJ Heroin Rings

My home town of Toms River, NJ is a beautiful place to live. It is located in Ocean County which unfortunately is known for it's problems with opiates. The town is safe and a stones throw away from the beach and about and hour away from both Philadelphia and NYC. Most people that travel to my area refer to it as “the shore” because of how beautiful our beaches are. But behind the scenes of this town is a very dirty world. This world is riddled with prescription painkillers and heroin.

Recently Ocean County Prosecutors announced the charges of 36 people involved in two drug trafficking networks that were importing more than $300,000 worth of heroin into the county each week, seizing guns and more than a dozen vehicles. The operation was named by law enforcement as "Sin City" and "Broken Rule," and seized nearly 31,000 dosage units of heroin, approximately 25 grams of raw heroin, $140,000 in cash, 14 vehicles, six firearms, including a TEC-9 assault weapon, and materials used to produce drugs, Ocean County Prosecutor Joseph Coronato said in a release.

"These simultaneous operations are incredible investigative feats," Coronato said. "Beyond the approximate street value of over $325,000 in heroin seized during operations "Broken Rule" and "Sin City", this outstanding Law Enforcement partnership has extended the reach and effectiveness of Ocean County law enforcement far beyond our borders."

The two networks were importing more than a kilogram of heroin, or 50,000 doses of the drug, to Ocean County each week, authorities said. Heroin typically sells for $3 to $8 per dose, depending on the dealer and customer.

The investigation is ongoing and additional arrest are expected.

It is a reality that things such as this are going on in your community where you live as well. The opiate problem is at epidemic levels and law enforcement is doing their best to get these drugs off the street. You may not see the guns or drugs, but they are there. There is always a black market for drugs, and when one ring is busted another moves in to take over their business. It's just a matter of time until the next drug ring moves in to make up for the shortage of drugs.


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