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What Can Be Learned From Opiate Addiction

Opiate addiction is an experience that no one wants anyone to face. It is a life of pure hell and you feel like a prisoner in your own body. Every thought and action is controlled by a substance that your body does not need, but your mind craves. It convinces you that you can not live without it. We have all suffered through the despair of opiate addiction and the feelings of hopelessness. Nothing seems to matter anymore and your view of the world is negative and you can not understand why people are happy to be here.

When you cross the bridge of addiction to recovery, it is important to not dwell in your past. There is a good chance that you made mistakes while addicted to opiates. Those mistakes can haunt you for as long as you let them. Of course you need to make right the wrongs you committed during your addiction and you should mend relationships with people you hurt but do not become a victim of self-induced sorrow. You need to live a life of positivity and do your best to learn from your past, but not re-live it.

I do my best to teach people about the importance of the dark times in your addiction. There is no happiness without unhappiness and no joy without despair. You have lived a life of hell for so long that you may feel you are incapable of doing incredible things with your life. The mental prison you lived in will be the hardest time of your life.

Everything from here on out in your "clean life" will seem a little easier. You are not living a life with extreme guilt and the weight of addiction on your shoulders. You are able to do what you want and not be tied down by your addiction. Goals can be reached because you have fought through things that most people could never imagine facing.

Your addiction has made you a stronger person and you need to embrace that power. Take that motivation and create a beautiful healthy life for yourself. Do not be afraid to take chances to achieve the things you really want to accomplish in your life. I am sure you have lost friends to the battle of addiction and no one needs to explain to you how precious life is. There is no reason to wait until tomorrow to do something you have always wanted to do today.

If you have a bad day, take a minute to yourself and take some deep breaths. This is a great time to think about how miserable you once were when you were addicted to opiates. Think about how free you are and although what you are facing may seem difficult, it is nothing compared to what you have lived through. You are empowered and should embrace it. Remember to stay strong, and stay vigilant on your road to recovery.


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