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The Power Of Paying It Forward In Opiate Recovery

For over 5 years, I have dedicated my life to helping those searching for a clean and sober life free of opiates. A life where they are no longer a prisoner in their own minds and are able to be happy for just being alive. It has been the most incredible journey thus far, and so many incredible experiences have taken place during this time. The amount of lives I have had the privilege of touching is amazing to me. The internet has given me a voice to help as many people as I can and the people I have met along the way have made me who I am today.

From the very start, my mission was to “Pay It Forward” to as many people as I could. When I was lost, addicted and suicidal, I did not see a reason to live anymore. The drugs had completely changed the person I was and my mind was filled with negative thoughts. I could not understand how people were able live without opiates or even smile and be happy. It is mind boggling to me that I was so blind and how badly my attitude had changed because of what the drugs were doing to me. The only reason I am still alive is because people took the time to help me. Some of them were family and some were complete strangers. I had nothing to give them and they helped me because it made them feel good to do so. These acts of kindness changed my life and made me want to be like them. I saw how incredibly happy they were just to be alive and the smiles on their faces made me want to smile too.

Before I got clean, I was a very selfish person. Everything I did and all of my motivations were to gain something for myself. Not until those people came into my life did I realize that I had been living my life wrong. So wrong that it almost killed me. When I began to “pay it forward” I became genuinely happy. It is a very hard thing to explain, but when someone says that you had an impact on them and it helped them change their life, there is no better feeling. I have had tons of people tell me that I saved their life but what is more incredible to me is that they said that someone else had told them that they saved their life. The domino effect of helping people is contagious and it is a beautiful thing.

If I have ever made a positive impact in your life in any way, please pay it forward to someone in need. It does not have to be someone trying to get clean, just show an act of kindness to someone. You never know if that little bit of help may alter their life for the better. We all have the power to change lives and we all should be lending a hand when we are able to. Stay well, and make sure to pay it forward!


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