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Take Action Against Opiate Relapse By Educating Yourself

Far too much information on the internet is false. When it comes to opiate recovery, I see terrible information on a daily basis. I have people contact me telling me things they heard from friends or read on the internet and it irks me to no end. I always like to warn people that the information they are reading or listening to that is not backed by science needs to be taken with a grain of salt. Even some of the things I speak about are just my opinion and are not fact (which I'll say in the videos). Although all of the information I put out is from over 5 years of personal experience talking with thousands of people who have gone through the very same thing as you and I.

If you take on your recovery head first and get as physically active as you can to learn as much as possible to help ease your mind. You will most likely be very scared heading into recovery because of the fear of withdrawals and of the unknown ahead. Read information about why your brain is acting the way it is. I have spoken about it in many videos and blogs before, but I feel that we can never learn enough about the powerful human computer in our heads.

When you decide that you are ready to get clean, become active on drug recovery forums. Ask questions and add your two cents about your own experience. When you become part of the conversation you take on a sense of responsibility and you can easily make friends who are going through a similar situation. It may create a common bond and you can learn from each other and gain strength as well. Never be afraid to share what you are feeling or going through because your words may resonate with someone and help them along on their journey to recovery. I can honestly say that there is not better feeling than helping an individual find the light when they are currently in despair.

You will see that the more you engulf your life into your recovery and the more you keep yourself accountable to others in recovery, the better your chances of remaining sober. I have seen people who have taught themselves as much as they can about addiction and end up employed at rehabilitation centers. So much good comes from learning about what you are going through so do yourself the favor and start researching and getting mentally active in your recovery.


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