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Feeling Great In Opiate Recovery

One of my greatest joys in life is hearing from people that I have talked with once they have started to feel good after withdrawals. The first few steps in opiate recovery are very difficult and many people do not succeed on their first try. It is ok if you do not make it on your first go, but it is important to not give up.  People who are looking for a new way of life need to hear the success stories and hear how you have made the transition from addict to sobriety. All of us that have clean time in opiate recovery should share their stories with others.

On a regular basis people contact me once they are start feeling really good in recovery. Over and over again I hear how incredible they feel.  They can not believe how great it is to feel normal again without needing a drug to function. It is so interesting that the first few times you use opiates you feel euphoria and comfort. You chase that feeling for as long as you use. The more you use, the more of an empty feeling you get and you quickly realize that your life is miserable and out of control because of the drugs. You keep on using just so you don't get sick and it becomes frustrating just to get out of bed in the morning.

You want to change your life but you can think of a million reasons why you can't get clean. You will justify your use and from experience, one of my justifications was that I could die any day. So why not feel good using my pills? I knew deep down that I was just in denial but the truth of the matter is that I didn't even feel good anymore. I felt like crap every single day and was beyond miserable. Nothing I did filled the empty feeling I had and the more I used, the deeper the hole I dug. But when you have had enough of living that life, you are ready to fight for your freedom and your sobriety.

For all of you that are reading this while you are thinking about getting clean, do yourself a favor and take your life into your own hands. Do not let a substance control your every thought and action. Become your own person. Many of you have been using substances on a daily basis to fuel your emotions. You do not need opiates to feel good and be happy. Once you feel how wonderful recovery feels, you will wonder why you waited as long as you did to get clean.


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