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Are Opiates and Painkillers to Blame For Crime Surges?

The opiate black market is surging and more powerful than ever before. It is fueling abuse and drug addiction. Lives are taken too early on a daily basis by overdoses from opiate based drugs such as painkillers and heroin.  Most addicts outgrow their ability to afford painkillers and resort to using heroin because it is much cheaper and just as strong. The pills are more expensive because of the costs and precise measurements from pharmaceutical companies.  When taking a prescription painkiller you know exactly what you are getting compared to the heroin. Heroin is usually cut (or mixed) with many different substances to either make it stronger or for drug dealers to be able to sell more of it. Every time heroin is administered, an overdose is a realistic possibility.  Dosages and potency can fluctuate from bag to bag when it comes to heroin which makes it extremely deadly.

As addicts become more addicted and rely on opiates on a daily basis, they sometimes become desperate in order to not go through the withdrawal process. Fear of withdrawals leads many addicts to break the law in order to get money or the drug they are addicted to. Pharmacy burglaries are not a rare occurrence and many larger pharmacy chains now have armed security guards to protect their pharmacy employees. Some smaller chains refuse to carry prescription drugs like oxycodone or hydrocodone and post large signs at the stores entrance to deter robberies. These new precautions that are taken have never been seen before but are without a doubt necessary to keep people safe.

Home invasions are up in many suburban areas and are directly related to the opiate epidemic. Addicts will do whatever it takes to score money or drugs to keep their addiction going. It's becoming common for robbers to not only steal valuables but to also ransack medicine cabinets in the search for narcotics.

Many drug addicts become dealers. It is very common for them to obtain large amounts of drugs from either “dirty doctors” or burglaries. They sell the drugs not to make money but to pay for their own habit. What usually will happen is the drug dealers who are addicts will use more than they sell and eventually have to resort to stealing from others to pay for the drugs they used. It becomes a horrible cycle of theft and drug abuse.

The life of an opiate addict is extremely hell-like. Most of these people do not want to be addicted to the drugs and do not even get high from them because their tolerance is so high. Over a long period of opiate use, the euphoria may disappear and they use simply to not face the terrible withdrawal symptoms. The lifestyle of being an opiate addict is tiresome and many people want professional help. They are unable to go to treatment for fear of losing their jobs and or being unable to afford it.  Many are too scared to quit and have to deal with the withdrawals. The cycle of abuse will eventually kill you, take everything you have or land you in prison.  If you are addicted to opiates, please seek help before your addiction grows out of control.


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