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Healthy Nutrition Makes A Difference During Opiate Recovery

When you abuse opiates for a prolonged period of time, you will do damage to your body. Most people that are actively addicted will make opiates their number one priority above eating and hygiene. You will notice that people that have a drug problem usually let themselves go and either lose a lot of weight or gain a lot. They do not look the same as they did before they started using.

On a daily basis I am contacted by people looking for advice on opiate recovery. I am by no means an expert in opiate recovery and I never got an education in substance abuse from a school. I have lived the life and have walked the walk of an addict. Over five years ago I was completely lost. My life had no meaning and I felt destroyed. I created a life of misery. Along with my opiate addiction, my nutrition was horrendous. I ate every food that I came in contact with and I would even wake up in the middle of the night for another meal. I was beyond overweight for my frame and always felt tired.

When I decided to get clean, I also decided to get as healthy as I possibly could. I cut out all sweets and dramatically cut my portion sizes per meal. I began to eat fruits and vegetables, never drank soda and relied mostly on water for hydration. To say that I began to feel better is an understatement. The fuel that you provide your body will directly affect your energy and mindset. If you eat crap you will feel like crap. If you eat well you will feel well. It is that simple. It is not easy to change your diet when you have already lost your other crutch with the opiates. Some of us are able to just stop everything at once and others have to wait a little.

I do wish you all would try eating more fruits and vegetables and begin to only eat foods that have nutritional value for you. The better you eat, the quicker the withdrawals and the better your recovery and life will be.

Along with a new nutrition plan, visit your doctor to see if it is safe for you to start exercising. Exercising boosts brain chemicals and gives you energy. It is also a fantastic way to pass the time. Many of us have a hard time with free time and exercising can be the most beneficial thing you can do with it.


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