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Visualizing Pain Medications & Opiate-Based Pills As Poison

Unfortunately for me, my addiction to codeine has been a long hard road. My recovery though has been a breath of fresh air, a beautiful light at the end of a long dark tunnel. Because I live in Australia, codeine-based painkillers are available in all chemists (Pharmacies) over-the-counter. It is easy to get a hold of multiple packs of pain pills by shopping at different chemists. Another unfortunate set of circumstances is that these products are not tracked through a purchased monitoring system. For example, certain other medications require a person to hand over their drivers license to have their details put into a database for information recording and tracking purposes. Again, another unfortunate situation despite this regulation is that there is no national database that all chemists are linked-up with together. If this were the case, it would be easy to stop people from abusing medications by chemist-shopping.

I wanted to provide the above information first off to explain the context of what the main subject of this post is about. The very fact that packs of pain pills are easily attainable from chemists across all metropolitan areas means that whenever I, and others who have been addicted to these pain medicines, go into a chemist for any other reason – such as supplements, vitamins, and other medications we may need, we will then be confronted by these pain-killers. So, with this situation at hand, how we deal with this problem? For me, it has involved a series of processes whereby anytime I go into a chemist; I look at the pain pills – then I visualize and imagine the pills as though they are literally – a “poison”.

This strategy sounds like a simple approach and process to help us with preventing cravings or triggers in this type of scenario but I would urge you and others to use the same strategy for any drug that you are addicted to. In my opinion, the process of reminding ourselves about the negative consequences and negative associations that are connected to opiates or other drugs is paramount and critical. We need to ensure that our memory remains consistent with the negative experiences connected with drug abuse, because as humans – we can very easily forget about the power and negative side-effects of drug abuse and then begin to fantasize about using again which is a road back to relapse and back to our addiction.

I would urge you to practice this process of imagination and visualization and to see whether this strategy can help you or others with your recovery process.


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