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Things To Look Forward To In Opiate Recovery

When life has become unbearable and you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, a calm may come over you. It is a calm that lets you know you need to prepare to fight for your life. You are ready to face your demons and go all out to feel like a normal person again. To be able to live your life without having to rely on a substance for energy or your emotions. To be able to wake up free from all handcuffs and be able to face your day without worry.

These are all things that everyone looks forward to, when they decide to get clean. But with any great leap or change in your life will come with fear and questions. For many people, the fear of the unknown is too much to bare and they are unable to get clean. They build up so much fear and fuel it with thoughts that are completely false. They give the fear too much power before they even try to get clean. You need to be brave for a few days and suck it up. Take on your withdrawal and realize that it won't last forever.

One of the most asked questions is whether you will ever be able to function like a normal human being again without opiates. So many of us start to believe that we need these pills to survive. The lie grows so strong that we forget that we lived perfectly fine before opiates and we can be empowered and stronger afterwards. You will gain all of your energy back over time and will be able to take on big goals while maintaining a regular life. You will be able to consistently go to work and just get out of bed everyday. We all know the chore it is to get up when we do not have the opiates we think we need. This eventually fades away after you have some clean time under your belt.

Will I ever be able to sleep normal again? Yes, you will be back to counting your z's like a normal person after a little while being clean. Nothing is worse than not being able to sleep. Insomnia was my worst symptom during my early recovery. I went a very long time before I started getting regular sleep but I was determined to beat my addiction by any means necessary. Some days that meant going on 1 or 2 hours of sleep. Regular sleep patterns will return and before you know it, you will forget that you were having trouble sleeping.

Do not let the fear of withdrawal hold you back from getting clean. It is not easy to adjust to a new lifestyle but it will be the greatest decision you will ever make in your life. You will add years to your life and be able to look at yourself in the mirror with pride. Stay strong!


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