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Getting Clean And Staying Sober In Opiate Recovery Should Be Your Main Priority

Going through opiate withdrawal sucks. There's no reason to sugarcoat it, or pretend it isn't so bad. The longer you have abused opiates, and the more opiates you have used will usually determine how long your opiate withdrawals will last. The first week is going to be rough, but if you can make it through that then you can be successful in recovery.

After you have some time being clean, you can look to re-establish your responsibilities and priorities in life. You probably believe that your occupation, finances, and family are your main priorities. In most cases this is normally the truth, but it's hard to maintain your priorities when you are addicted to drugs. Before you can take care of your family, you need to take care of yourself first by getting clean and staying clean.

Maintaining your sobriety needs to be your main priority, otherwise your life will fall apart.  Many recovering addicts get a very discouraged feeling that they should be doing more to earn the trust and respect of the people they hurt while they were using.  When you get this feeling, take a step back and remember that you can not fix everything at once.

Your life is going to start to improve in many aspects once you are clean. Your mood and appearance will be noticeably healthier. With these improvements will come a sense of pride. What you have overcome is one the of the hardest things to do. You should be more than satisfied with the improvements but at the same time remember to be humble and never forget where you came from and what you went through.

Over time, you can start to build back the relationships you have broken while you were an addict. Actions speak louder than words. Let those you have hurt see the positive changes in you. When they start to pay attention to your recovery, they may make a comment or compliment you. This is a good time to make your real amends. Ask for forgiveness for the terrible and vacant life you were living when you were addicted to drugs.

Unfortunately, not everyone will be that easy to please. You have to remember to stay on the right track. If you apologize to someone and they do not accept it, move on. Never get discouraged by your past and what you did. You can't change what you have done. You can only go forward and stay positive.

What may be your greatest reward for getting clean is the ability to give back. You survived a living hell. Being successful in opiate recovery is rough, so when you get clean and have some time being sober, look to help those who are also going through addiction.  Many people have no one to turn to for advice on recovery. Be the person they can call upon for help. Giving back keeps your mind grounded and reminds you daily of the struggles you faced. It also gives you a reality check that if you ever use again you know where you will be.  Take the time to talk and share your knowledge and experience you have gained.  You may think your story isn't anything special, but something you say may save a life and there is no better feeling than that.


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