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Can You Get Clean From Opiates By Yourself?

Being addicted to a substance or drug can be embarrassing for most people. They believe that it shows weakness, and it is something that many want to hide. The negative stigma in the USA makes it very hard for people to ask for help. On a daily basis, I field questions from people all over the world about this topic. It is very common for people to want to tackle their addiction by themselves and not letting anyone know what is going on.

A question I get quite often, "Is it possible to get and stay clean by yourself?" Of course it is possible, but I do not recommend it. The reason I do not recommend it is because you are stacking the cards against yourself by going at it alone. Sure, we do not all have a great support system with friends or family. Some people may have abandoned you and became fed up with your actions and use. But that does not mean that you need to go after this by yourself. You can find meetings in your area that can be extremely beneficial to your recovery. Having someone to talk to, especially in the first year of recovery can be the difference between staying clean and relapsing.

I created the free social networking website, FreeFromHell for people that were looking for another option to get information and to meet people from the privacy of your own home. Not everyone has time to go to meetings everyday, but it's good to be able to have the camaraderie during recovery. You can find more information at http://FreeFromHell.com. There are thousands of members and a real-time chat room for you to frequent at any time of day or night.

Most importantly, why go through recovery by yourself when there are so many great programs out there to help you. If you do not feel comfortable going to meetings because you are afraid that someone might see you there, you can always talk to a mental health professional that has an expertise in addiction. Having therapy sessions to ask questions or to just simply get things off of your chest can be very therapeutic. To this day, I have people that I speak with when I have questions or just have things that I need to get off my back. You really do not know how great it is to share your troubles with someone you trust until you have done it. It takes so much weight off of your shoulders and helps your recovery reach new levels.

Recovery is not an easy thing to transition into. You are going to be scared and have questions about feelings and what is going on in your body and mind. Reach out for help and make friends in recovery. It will be the best decision you will ever make.


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