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New Security Safe For Storing Prescription Medications

Prescription drug abuse is an enormous threat to every home in the United States. Hydrocodone which is a schedule two narcotic, is the most prescribed medication in the country. It is routinely prescribed for broken bones, sprains and dental work and chronic pain. Most homes will have a prescription painkiller available in it at one time or another over a two year period. It is extremely important to guard these dangerous medications from getting into the wrong hands. These drugs can easily cause a deadly overdose to a child or teen and they are heavily desired by teens and people who want to abuse them or sell on the black market.

We all have to do our part to fight the prescription drug epidemic because we have control of the medications we keep in our homes. These medications should be treated as if they are poison. If you have children in your home, would you leave poison in your medicine cabinet? No, you would find a way to lock it up and prevent it from being ingested by someone who is not supposed to take it. Prescription drugs are abused by teenagers all the time and are sought after to be abused. You may think that your child would never abuse your medications but the power of peer pressure is a very strong thing. Your child may not ingest your medications but they may take them to sell or give to their friends if pressured enough.

A security company wants to tackle the issue of keeping your medications safe in your homes. The company RX DrugSafe is applying its technology to safely store prescription medications in lock boxes to prevent unintentional overdoses, particularly among teens.

According to Lorraine Yarde, the Principal at the MidAmerica Healthcare Venture Forum, she said it is also working on a prototype that would apply biometrics to patient controlled analgesic, used to help patients control pain levels. It would use a fingerprint sensor to control not only who accesses the product, but also how frequently and the amount of the drug they have.

In 2013, there were 43,982 drug overdose deaths in the United States, most of which were unintentional. The first industry customer for the safes is the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics and Abuse. They are using federal funds to stem prescription drug abuse. In addition to state and county governments, Yarde said it sees a huge market for the home.  The product is sold to the public through its website. In the near future, it plans to add Bluetooth and wireless capabilities so the drug safe can be used with other devices. I think this is a great way to help cut down on abuse.


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