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CBT - Cognitive Behavioral Therapy For Opiate Withdrawal & Recovery

I’m going to share with you a powerful reflection technique that is based on CBT – Cognitive Behavioral Therapy; to be used for your withdrawal and in your recovery from opiate addiction.

What is CBT? According to the Victorian Government of Australia – CBT is defined as:

“... a type of psychotherapy that helps people to change unhelpful or unhealthy thinking habits, feelings and behaviors. CBT may be used to treat problems including anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, uncontrollable anger, substance abuse, eating disorders and other problems...”

A big part of CBT involves what I like to call “thought-redirection”. I don’t believe that we can truly stop our thoughts from emanating completely, but we do have the power to train our brain to redirect thoughts and thought-patterns that are negative or self-destructive.

I received this powerful advice from my current counselor and therapist. She was able to outline very succinctly how CBT processes, particularly reflective thinking and redirection of thoughts can assist in the dissipation of opiate cravings and triggers, as well as general anxiety and stress.

What was particularly important was developing a sense of self-awareness and self-management of our emotional intelligence. Meaning we need to be able to recognize our own emotions, feelings and thoughts, and we need to identify when those emotive elements become either a distraction, or begin to negatively impact the body’s homeostasis.

So what am I talking about exactly? The power of redirection and reflection involves a person choosing a non-sexual-based fantasy in which they can redirect and reflect on in a positive manner. As an example, I will detail what my own set of redirection and reflection processes are for me to give you an idea on what you could create for yourself.

One of my ultimate passions is motorsport, particularly car racing and motorcycle racing. My redirection and reflection involves fantasizing about traveling the globe with a close friend or loved one and visiting all of the most famous and amazing racing tracks around the entire earth.

With this fantasy established, and remembering the need for us to be self-aware and self-managerial of our emotions, thoughts, and feelings – we than identify with those elements that are negative or self-destructive and use our established CBT reflection and redirection fantasy to “travel” to our place(s) of beauty and complete tranquility.

The process may take some time to practice and some time for you to get the right set of fantasy-elements in place for you to start actively challenging negative thoughts and thought-processes; however – I recommend you give this a serious try and attempt because the efficacy of CBT not only in clinical trials but all over the world as a tool for dealing with and managing issues related to substance abuse disorders is well researched and established.


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