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Legitimate Addiction to Opiate Pain Medication

Not all pain medications are illegally obtained nor are they intentionally abused. A large amount of people are prescribed pain medication in a completely legitimate way, by their medical doctor. Broken bones, fender benders, dental work, and pulled muscles are just a few reasons why people may visit their doctor due to pain.  Being prescribed opiate based pain medication has become a very common practice.  Most importantly, people who are in pain can benefit greatly from the different pain medications that are available today.  The problem starts when the pain subsides, but the patient continues taking the medicine.  Anyone who is prescribed pain medication needs to be informed about the potential abuse not only to themselves, but to any family members who may have access to their medication including children, family members, spouses, etc.

With the high costs of health insurance and co-pays, many patients expect to receive medication when they visit their doctor.  Many people will feel they are getting ripped off if their doctor tells them to go home, take some aspirin and rest.  This puts doctors in a tough predicament. The American way is to treat every illness with a prescription medication. 

When it comes to prescribing pain medications, it is not as simple as people may think. From a doctors point of view, pain isn't something that can easily be measured. For example, if someone has an infection a doctor can take blood work, runs some tests and see the results.  Pain on the other hand is not so easy to measure. Doctors need to trust their patients that the information they are giving them is legit. Besides not being easy to measure, pain also varies from person to person. Some people have high tolerance to pain while others may not. Doctors need to find the right balance when treating their patients.

People who are in serious pain that need pain management to be comfortable can quickly build up a tolerance to their daily dosage. It's important to talk with your doctor and explain your concerns to make sure you do not become another statistic to opiate addiction.  Anyone who takes prescription pain medication should be educated on the pros and cons of the medicine they are taking.  The medication should only be taken the exact time, dose, and way that a medical doctor prescribes.


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