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CalmSupport.com Was Created To Help Educate Opiate Addicts and Friends and Family of Addicts

From the beginning of my recovery, I knew that I wanted to share my story and get a lot of things off my chest. I started my journey blogging at FreeFromHellBlog.com and was able to reach thousands of people. It became something much more than I expected and it was a necessary tool in my recovery. I found that blogging was very therapeutic for me and at the same time I was able to share my story and help others. It was a real win-win situation. Through that blog, I gained a lot of great opportunities. I was on national television and in national magazines. I used FreeFromHellBlog to get the word out that you can overcome your addiction and live a successful life in recovery.

Since the success of my blog, it has opened new doors to reach even more people to help. I dedicated myself to writing and getting my feelings out for the world to see.  I surrounded myself with people that had good hearts and who were smarter than I. They helped me achieve the vision I had for creating FreeFromHell.com. FreeFromHell is a social network for recovering addicts and friends and family of addicts. It is a free website where anyone affected by opiate addiction can get  support and comfort from great people who have lived through addiction. Since it's creation, FreeFromHell has gained thousands of members and has tons of blogs, articles, personal testimonies and a real-time chat room. It's become a great free source for opiate support.

After seeing the success that FreeFromHell brought to so many people, I wanted to do more. Since the beginning of my recovery I wanted to create a natural way to help people get through opiate withdrawal symptoms. After much research it was clear that there was no magical pill that would cure opiate withdrawals, but there were ways to help ease the symptoms.

I created CalmSupport with the help of many professionals including Dr. Heath McAllister. You can read his bio on CalmSupport by clicking "About Us" above. To say that Dr. McAllister is brilliant is an understatement. He cared so much about the project and wanted to help us help people suffering through withdrawal. CalmSupport is now the leading opiate withdrawal aid on the market and if you search around the internet, you will see independent reviews that confirm how well it works. Most importantly we are the only opiate withdrawal aid that provides a 30 day no questions asked money back guarantee. If it doesn't work for you, simply return it and get your money back.

Recovery and helping people has become a way of life for me. I wake up everyday trying to figure out new ways to educate and help more people. CalmSupport has a Youtube channel that I post 5 videos a week to discussing various topics on opiate addiction and recovery. It has become a great tool for people looking for positive advice and inspiration. I also blog 5 days a week here on CalmSupport.

I am a firm believer that helping others in recovery helps me stay clean. Recovery is all about paying it forward and helping people that have been in your shoes. No one knows the despair like a person going through opiate recovery. We all need to do our part and give back in some way and FreeFromHell and CalmSupport are just a few ways I'm helping others.


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