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After Opiate Withdrawal, Embark On A Healthy Journey

Opiate withdrawal is a very intense thing for your body to go through. Speaking from experience, when you go through withdrawal, your appetite is non-existent and for many people the thought of food makes them nauseous. While you are abusing opiates, chances are that your diet was not your top priority. For many people I talk to and in my personal experience, your diet prior to quitting was probably not optimal. I lived off fast food and whatever I could get my hands on. I never had to choose between food or my drugs so I was blessed in that area, but I overindulged like everything else in my life.

Due to the fact that I was unhappy with my life as an addict, I also ate to ease my pain. I ballooned to over 235 lbs and was extremely unhealthy. My body was toxic and failing. The opiates kept me bloated and I would have a bowel movement maybe once a week. That bowel movement would be large that it would hurt to go to the bathroom. These are all normal things in long-term opiate abuse because opiates slow down the digestive tract causing constipation. This causes your fecal matter to build up and for you to have minimal bowel movements during the week. Having your body hold onto waste is not good for you and it causes fatigue and other symptoms. But as long as I had my opiates it did not matter to me.

When you go through withdrawal and the body does not have the opiates it craves, your bowels will start to function normal again. Some people will get diarrhea and have stomach aches but it is just your body trying to figure out what is going on. Make sure you stay hydrated because diarrhea can become very dangerous to your health if it persists. If it continues, make sure to go to the emergency room and see a doctor so that they can give you an IV of fluids to keep you from being dehydrated. Do not put that off as it can be fatal if you become too dehydrated.

Since you are not eating well before or during withdrawal, it is very important to get vital nutrients into your body as soon as you are able to. Making vegetable and fruit smoothies is outstanding for this purpose. It is easy to drink them and your body will break down for easy digestion. This will also help with your constipation, as fiber in your diet is essential. Try to make a smoothie or fresh juice a staple in your daily diet. The amount of energy you will gain and overall health boost will be noticeable.

Also make sure you research CalmSupport. I created CalmSupport with the help of doctors and healthcare professionals. It will not take away every symptom of your withdrawal but it will make it less intense. CalmSupport is filled with active vitamins that your body is in desperate need of along with herbs and amino acids that will build your body back to a healthy state. Do everything in your power to get your body healthy, it deserves to be treated well and it is the only body you get.


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