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Pets Can Be Very Therapeutic During Opiate Withdrawal

Opiate withdrawal is a very intense and tough thing to endure. It is a rite of passage from the addiction to opiates to the freedom you seek. You know that no matter what you do, withdrawal will not be easy.  One of the most popular topics in opiate recovery is tips on withdrawal. Every one wants to know what can help them get through the process without losing their mind. How they can successfully cross the bridge from addiction to recovery and live a life without being tied down to a substance.

Everyday I hear stories from people from all over the world. We are all from different backgrounds and sometimes countries but we all battle the same inner demons. The power that drugs have over us is intense and practically impossible to control. We are unable to balance our use and over time the drug takes complete control over your life. Every choice you make has to be weighed on whether it will hurt your usage. It gets to a point where you just can not take on living that way anymore and you start searching for help. This is how most people find me. They take a chance and reach out to a complete stranger on the internet and are amazed to get a response.

I have had the privilege of gaining daily advice from people in recovery and being able to share it with those searching for answers. I love the fact that I learn new things from addicts all the time. It does not matter how much time you have clean, it is all about focusing on staying clean for the next 24 hour span.  A viewer of my CalmSupport Youtube channel contacted me about my videos. Being a big fan of the channel, this person gave me some ideas for videos. One of their ideas was brilliant and one that I never touched on in my writings or videos before, which is the therapeutic power of our pets during opiate withdrawal.

Anyone who has ever had a pet knows of the unconditional love that they give you. Your pet will never judge you or talk back to you. They are happy to greet you in the morning and whenever you come home. I personally am a huge dog lover. I get so much joy from seeing dogs because I think they are such awesome and amazing animals. When you are going through withdrawal, your pet will know that something is wrong. Many times your pet will lay with you while you are sick and comfort you in ways that humans can not. They may even get a smile out of you during the worst of times. It is highly recommended that you spend time with your animals when you are feeling low. They have the ability to make you feel better and that is half the battle.


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