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Self Medicating With Opiates or Heroin Is Not The Answer

People become addicted to opiates for various reasons. I hear many different stories on a daily basis and one particular reason is very common. People self-medicate after they realize how opiates make them feel. They start off innocently trying them recreationally for a fun high. It is apparent fairly quickly that the opiates mask many emotions, fears and social problems. Many depressed people feel as though their depression goes away when they ingest opiates.  I used to joke around and tell people that I thought I had found the secret to happiness when I first popped a pill. I could not have been more wrong.

When we are active in our addiction, we use everyday to mask our feelings and to feel happy all while our regular self begins to disappear. We do not realize how much damage we are doing to ourselves until it is usually too late. Using opiates in the beginning is very cheap. You do not see any reason to not use because most people can afford it. They take the opiates every day because they have never felt better.  Most users begin to think that this is something they can control and that it is innocent enough. It isn't like you are homeless and losing everything, but you are already hooked and the drug has latched it's claws into you.

Opiates give you a rush of euphoria and feels like a warm blanket on a cold day. Nothing really seems to bother you when you are using but the world around you is crashing and falling. All of your troubles that keep building and building can all go away when you get high but when you come down from the high, the problems are still there and are usually worse. This makes you want to use more which continues the vicious cycle of addiction. Opiates are not the answer for your problems. Nothing good comes from self-medicating and reality will quickly catch up with you.

Becoming addicted to opiates is not the end of the road for you. You can simply make the conscience decision that now is your time to get help and to take your life back. Do not wait any longer to make this decision. When you have clean time under your belt you are able to face the problems in your life. You may think that these issues are far out of your reach and may never be able to be fixed, but it is not true. We all make mistakes and with persistence and the dedication to make your life full and honest, it will happen. Stay strong, and stay vigilant.


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