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What Are Drug Dreams During Opiate Recovery?

When recovery is a new way of life, there are a ton of things that you will have to overcome in order to stay clean. One of the most powerful things that bothers many people new to recovery are the vivid "drug dreams". You may be wondering what drug dreams are or you may have just got really excited because it is a topic that isn't discussed too frequently. It is something that many people experience while in recovery.  A drug dream is any type of dream where you are actively using in your dream. They sometimes are memories of when you used to use and many times include people you used to use with. The dreams are so vivid that many people wake up in a pool of sweat and very anxious.

You may be very happy with your recovery and it's still possible you may still have a drug dream. They are more prevalent in the beginning of recovery, but this does not mean that you will not have them further down the road. Every once in a while I will have one and I wake up in a panic, scared that I may have relapsed. I quickly realize that it is just a dream but the problem with drug dreams is how real they seem.

These dreams leave a lot of people uncomfortable when they wake up. They do not like the dreams because many times the drug dreams are not bad.  In fact, many of the dreams are enjoyable. They are usually a happy dream where you are having a good time. This freaks people out that they get vulnerable and are worried that these dreams may convince them to go get high and fall back into relapse.

What do you do after you have a drug dream? It is really good to write down the experience and how you are feeling. Contact someone that is in recovery and explain to them what happened. Remember that drug dreams, although extremely realistic, are not a relapse. It is not bad that you have a drug dream. It is not because you want to use again or anything, it is just your brain playing tricks on you. Do not let a drug dream weaken you into thinking that you can try using again. Stay vigilant and remember, it was just a dream!


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