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Tainted Batch of Heroin Taking Lives in New Jersey

My hometown of Toms River is located in Ocean County, NJ. Ocean County has been ravaged by opiate addiction over the past decade. It is a very popular tourist area for summer vacations. Being so close to both Philadelphia and New York City makes it a hotbed for drug traffickers. Dealers flock to the area during the summer to sell mass amounts of drugs.  (If Ocean County or the "New Jersey Shore" sounds familiar, it's because the famous MTV show "Jersey Shore" was filmed here.)

The drugs come into the area with no shortage of buyers ready to use and party.  The aftermath however leaves the locals addicted and in self destruction mode.  In 2013, Ocean County had the highest amount of opiate overdoses in the entire state. Prescription painkillers were the root of the problem which quickly sprouted to an all out heroin epidemic. Heroin is the topic of constant newspaper articles and news channels in New Jersey. The lives that have been destroyed by these drugs and the numbers of people seeking help continue to grow at alarming rates.

Just recently, the heroin being sold in Ocean County has been called tainted. The reason for the drug carrying this title is the fact that 6 people have died from overdoses even when first responders tried to administer Narcan.  Narcam, or "second chance drug" made no difference on the addicts and was unsuccessful at reviving them. This lead officials to send off samples of the heroin” to the New Jersey Regional Operations and Intelligence Center (ROIC) for analysis. The testing revealed the drugs sold as heroin contained “potent and dangerous drug combination not typically seen”.  Some of the samples did not contain traces of heroin at all.

It is no surprise to anyone that heroin is dangerous and deadly. It is also no surprise that it is extremely dangerous to buy drugs on the street. These drugs are not monitored and have no quality control. You are simply trusting a criminal to sell you something that you will ingest into your body and hope that it does not kill you.  Many times you have no clue what is mixed in with it.  This problem is not going to get better. Drug dealers are trying to maximize profits and people who see potential to make money and do not care about your safety. It's obvious when dealers start to sell fake substances in order to make money. They do not care who they harm, injure or kill.  All they care about is their profit.  This is a major concern.

There is no better time than now to get clean. Heroin is an evil drug that will strip you of everything you ever wanted out of life and leave you homeless, alone, broke, and most likely dead.  The lifestyle of a heroin user is usually short lived. Don't become another statistic, please get help today.


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