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Do I Have To Hit Rock Bottom To Get Clean From Opiates?

Most people who are looking to get clean from opiates start to research what they should expect. They want to know if they are going about it the right way and look for information on the internet. The problem with the internet is that all information is not equal or true. Some people post their opinions and some of those opinions are incredibly wrong. That is just a fact. When people see or hear this bad advice, they sometimes believe it as fact and it interrupts their efforts in getting clean. This is extremely frustrating to me because there is so much false information out there on recovery.

It's extremely important to realize that no two people are exactly alike. The same goes for addicts.  Everyone is different when it comes to addiction and withdrawals. Not all addicts must hit “rock bottom” in order to get clean. This type of scare tactic really bothers me, because there is no proof behind that claim. I have met and spoken with a tons of addicts who have gotten clean that never hit "rock bottom".  Not everyone hits a rock bottom because not everyone uses the same way.

If you look at your personal situation and you feel as though you area ready to quit, that should be a good enough reason to stop using.  Do not search for reasons why you should continue using. I have spoken with people who feel they can no longer continue their use but have heard that until they hit rock bottom they can never successfully get clean. Now in this circumstance, the user is using the fact that they haven't hit rock bottom as an excuse. To me this is even more of a reason why this particular person is not ready to get clean.

No matter what your reasons are or how you got to the point of being tired of the addict lifestyle, take it upon yourself to decide when you are done using. Not everyone ends up in jail or homeless from using drugs. Some people even keep their jobs and get clean without anyone ever knowing they were addicted. It is completely up to the user to decide how they will go about getting clean.

If you see someone tell another person that they need to hit “rock bottom” in order to get clean, please take it upon yourself to correct them. Some people will never get clean even after hitting rock bottom. People pass away every day from this dreadful epidemic. It breaks my heart when I hear of someone I have spoken with or have known that has lost their battle to addiction.  Just remember that addiction is more complex than we can wrap our heads around and there are no right or wrong ways to get clean.


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