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Do You Very Best In Your Opiate Recovery

Recovery is one of the most rewarding times of an addict's life. They will spend a great deal of time working on themselves and reflecting on the mistakes they have made throughout their life. Getting clean allows a person a new beginning and a new chance to live their life to the fullest while being clean and sober. Learning from past mistakes and bad decisions will help your future.  It is important to no dwell too much into your negative past, but rather set goals and focus on your future.

A great way to stay level headed and not allow yourself to get discouraged or overwhelmed is to realize that you can only control the present moment. Understanding that you can not change your past and prevent those things from happening and you can not foresee the future so it is best to not worry too much about it. When you think about the past or the future you not not living in the present, you are putting your life on hold for those brief moments. Remind yourself that the only time you have control over is right this second and make it the best you can.

One great rule to live by in recovery is to always try your best. It is such a simple phrase but if you really think about how deep that can get, then you are starting to understand what I mean. Too many times in a person's recovery do they find themselves getting complacent and lazy whether it be physically or mentally. The voice in their head will start to nag you and slowly beat your confidence down because you know you should be doing more. You know that you can do much better but for some reason you are just not putting your best effort forward. When you do not do your best, you leave yourself with the ability to question your motivations. What is driving you to stay clean? This is where people start to think about using again or think it may be ok to have, “just one pill.” When you lay your head to rest at the end of the day, really think about if you gave your day the best shot you could. You only get one life and one vessel to do it in so you might as well make the most of it.

When you live each day with the motto of doing your best, doors will start to open for you. Things will start to happen that you didn't realize could. When you live your life to your full potential, you will be the best product of you that could exist. We all know that we could do more or give more. When we give everything we have, our lives have so much more meaning. Do not waste your recovery laying on a couch watching television every free minute you have when you could be out there helping someone.


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