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Earning Trust Back From Loved Ones After Opiate Addiction

Being addicted to opiates can change you as a person. Not only physically, but emotionally and mentally as well. After using for a while, you may have new priorities and many will not always be in your best interest.  Many addicts become very manipulative and will do anything in their power to continue using and not have anyone find out. The same goes for their methods of obtaining the painkillers or heroin. They may resort to shady actions to get the money needed to purchase their drugs illegally. The whole lifestyle begins to affect the way people interact with them and no matter how much the addicts thinks they have it under control, their loved ones know something is not right.

You can beg and plead with family and tell them that everything is ok. You can tell everyone you are just going through a rough time. You can preach over and over again that you do not have a problem with drugs. If they know you abuse them, you can try to convince them that you could stop at anytime. The problem with that scenario is that you are only fooling yourself. People will talk behind your back and will give you chances to redeem yourself. Eventually those close to you will not be able to take it anymore and will have to either tell you that they know something is wrong or completely cut you out of their lives. This can be very devastating to both the addict and family. Unfortunately opiates are extremely addicting and many addicts choose their addiction over their family.

For those successful in recovery, it's going to take time to regain trust. Once you have made the decision and get some clean time under your belt, do not go directly to those in your family demanding that they trust you again. Trust is a funny thing.  You have to earn it and there is no set amount of time of when gain in back. In many instances you may unfortunately never regain the trust of some friends and loved ones ever again. This is something you are going to have learn to live with. Trust can only be gained by doing the right thing over and over again for a long period of time. You have to put yourself in their shoes. Would you trust "yourself" right away?

Once you have been clean for some time those around you will notice. When your life begins to take a positive role, those that you are close with will see your accomplishments. You will hear them say nice things to you and they may even tell you that they are proud of how far you have come. Keep in mind that those words do not mean they trust you. You will know when they trust you again. They may leave you with valuables or loved ones to care for. They will give you responsibilities that they never would of dreamed of doing while you were using. It is important to be open and honest with your loved ones and always make your word the most honorable thing about you. Keep promises and always stand behind what you say and eventually you will earn their trust again.


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