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Dealing With Negative People During Opiate Recovery

You have made it to a point in your recovery that you are genuinely happy with where you have gotten. You are happy just to wake up in the morning, see the sun and go about your day. Living life not depending on opiates or where you are going to get your next fix is amazing. Things that never had meaning before are becoming more important in your life. You are taking your health more seriously and you are feeling the positive results from it. A feeling that “I am going to make it,” is heard in your mind over and over again. Life seems really good and everything is going so well except one thing, people are not happy for you that you are clean, sober and in recovery.

Being in recovery brings on new responsibilities. Using drugs to mask problems is no longer an option for you, so you actually have to deal with your life. You have to grow as a person and mature in areas of your life that you are not accustomed to. You are doing your very best but people around you are not happy for you. People that you used to have in your life that were not good influences are saying things about you now that you are in recovery. For some reason what these people think and say about you is having a very bad effect on how you feel about yourself. Why are you feeling so sad about how people feel about your life? Why is it any of their business what is happening with your life? Should you care what they think?

One of the most empowering things to learn in early recovery is that no one can affect your emotions unless you let them. They can say all the negative things about you that they can muster up, but if you do not believe what they say, their words have absolutely no power over how you feel about yourself. Imagine living a clean life and not worrying about what anyone thinks of you. Doesn't that sound like the most freeing and amazing feeling ever? Well this is something you can implement into your daily thoughts and life.

People who are not happy with where they are in their own lives will do everything in their power to project their negative feelings onto others. They say misery loves company, and miserable people want other people to be miserable just like them. It gives them a sense that they are not alone.  How many people do you know in your own life that are like this? They love to talk about other people and gossip is their favorite hobby. These type of people are the ones you want to separate yourself from when you are new to recovery. Concentrate on being as positive as you can be and work on staying clean. If you do those two things, everything else will start to fall into place.


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