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16-Year-Old Boy Who Lost Both His Parents To Heroin Overdoses Hopes To Save Lives

Back in 2015, a 16-year-old boy by the name of Zaine Pulliam had lost both of parents after they had overdosed on heroin. Austin and Amanda Pulliam died back in April 2015 inside house in South Charleston. A year later, Zaine finally spoke out about his story of survival without parents and becoming the guardian of his two younger sisters.

Zaine was merely 10 years old when he came to the realization that something about his life was not the same anymore. According to him, he began to notice that most of times, his parents would inside their room and the door would be locked. Of course, Zaine was a curious young boy at the time and so he could not help himself from peeking into his parents’ bedroom window by climbing on top of the water heater. What he saw at that moment likely became embedded in his memory and he will probably not be able to forget it anytime soon.

In fact, Zaine did not even have a clue at that time what he had ended up witnessing. However, today he is well aware and certain that he had seen them “shooting heroin.” His parents did not even know that Zaine had spied on them while they were doing that and they did not find until a couple of years. His parents made him promise to not tell anyone about what he had seen. Even at the age of 10, Zaine knew that to prevent his sisters from finding out as well, he would have to protect and keep them away from it.

Eventually, his parents died from heroin overdoses in April 2015. He ended up moving in with his grandmother, who now helps him care for and raise his two younger sisters. Zaine mentioned the fact that his sisters no longer have a father and mother figure to look up to, and neither does he. Of course, they have him and his grandmother, but is definitely not the same. It certainly must have been hellacious for these children. In fact, one can only imagine how bad it would have been, but it was actually even worse.

Even though his parents were not exactly a good influence, it was only natural that Zaine felt angry about their deaths rather than at them, and in his memory, he still remembers them as good parents. He refuses to believe that his parents intentionally became heroin addicts, which is actually true in the case of just about every addict. It seems Zaine is quite wise for his age because he claims that his parents had a horrible disease and were ill. Now, he wants to take it upon himself to spread awareness.

He now believes his life will feel like a success if he is able to save someone else from dying like his parents had. Zaine is right when he claims that his parents were not bad people. Drug addicts are not essentially bad people and indeed, they do not choose this. Addiction really is a disease of the mind. Zaine hopes that through his story, he will manage to save as many lives as possible, and perhaps that will prove to be effective.


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