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New Jersey State Police Find Counterfeit Oxycodone Pills

The New Jersey State Police have released information that they have come across counterfeit oxycodone immediate release pills. These pills are exact replicas of the popular M/30 oxycodone immediate release pills, but these pills have no oxycodone in them. The pills are made of compressed heroin and are identical in size/shape to the real pills. This has the state police running rampant trying to get the word out to the public. It is bad enough that people are abusing prescription painkillers, but it gets even worse when the people start ingesting drugs that are not what they think they are. The state police expect to see problems associated with this counterfeiting.

"We're aware this is a very new form of heroin that has entered New Jersey in low quantity so far. There have been arrests we are aware of. The Regional Operations Intelligence Center (of the State Police) has issued information to all New Jersey law enforcement regarding this threat," said Capt. Stephen Jones, a public information officer for the State Police.

The counterfeiting is being done to maximize profits for the dealers. A 30mg immediate release oxycodone pill, also known as a “blue”, can sell for $30 a piece but a hit of heroin can sell from $5-$10. The dealers are spreading these drugs slowly but it could become a serious problem. It is not hard for dealers to make these counterfeit pills and when they start to see the profits, it may create a new epidemic.

It is getting far too dangerous to purchase drugs from the black market. If you do not make a conscience decision that it is time to stop, before long, you may fall victim to something like this. Ingesting a drug that is not the what you think it is can easily kill you. You may have adverse side effects and there is no telling what the dealers are cutting or mixing the pills with. The potency of these pills will vary from one pill to the next and you may find yourself overdosing or feeling completely different than you expected.

Counterfeit pills are not something new. In Canada, a counterfeit oxycontin pill has made it's way into the U.S. and is also not oxycodone. The pills are actually another prescription painkiller known as Fentanyl which is 90-100 times stronger than morphine. Those pills created an epidemic of users that did not know what they were taking until it was too late.

If you come across counterfeit oxycodone pills or you know someone who has come in contact with them, do not ingest them. They look identical to the regular M/30 pills and should be avoided at all costs. Things like this should spark your interest in recovery. You are playing with fire by abusing these pills and they could take your life at any moment.


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