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How To Stay Motivated During Opiate Withdrawal

Opiate abuse is an epidemic in the United States. It affects males and females of all ages, races and economic backgrounds. Once you start to use opiates recreationally, you are on a path of self destruction. What may seem innocent enough will quickly take over every aspect of your life and leave you beaten down and scared. Not knowing what to do or who to turn to because of the negative stigma that is still present in society is a common problem. Once you realize how you are going to go about getting clean, the fact that you need to stay motivated to be successful becomes an important part of the equation. How does one stay motivated when their brain is pleading with them to quit? It's begging you to just give up and go get high?

Getting clean will be one of the hardest BUT most rewarding things you will ever have to do. Nothing easy is ever worth while and believing that you need to earn your recovery is very important. How do you stay on the straight and narrow, even at your worst times when no one is watching? You need to want to get clean more than anything you have ever wanted before. Understanding that this uncomfortable and manic time of your life WILL PASS. This will not last forever is something you need to say over and over again. You need to tell yourself that no matter how bad it gets or how ugly this situation becomes, NOTHING will stop you from getting to the other side.

Getting clean and staying clean is something I frequently talk about in my Youtube vlogs. Being opiate free is hard to imagine when you are using. Many addicts forget what it even feels like to be clean and sober. The fact that you can go about your life without having this powerful force dragging you down is liberating. You go about your life and do as you please not being handcuffed to a substance that sucks you dry. People often ask me why I got clean. The answer is simple, I was tired, I was sick, I had nothing left in me, I new that I was going about life wrong and I realized that I didn't want to die. I embraced the pain and the horrible withdrawals. I got angry and understood that I deserved to earn my freedom from the hell I created. Taking full responsibility for your own addiction is something that is important. No one caused you to become an addict, it was a decision you gradually made on your own.

Life is fantastic when you are not addicted to opiates. You see people every day that walk around the planet happy, and that's what you want. The truth is you can be happy like them. You have to be willing to work at it. Giving it all of your energy, knowing that when you are laying on your deathbed many, many years from now, you can go peacefully knowing you lived a real full life. You did not waste it numb on drugs. What do you want to accomplish and what are you going to do to achieve your dreams? Don't give up. You only get one life so make the best of it.


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