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Heroin Is Destroying Lives Around the World

All anyone has to do is a quick Google search of heroin to see how bad the epidemic has become. The news stories that pop up are all saying the same things. Heroin mills are being raided and shut down, addicts are being arrested for possession or drug dealers are caught selling the dope. It seems that no matter how many new laws or ways to go about the situation, the drug continues to destroy and control peoples lives. How will we ever stop the heroin epidemic?

The sad news is that I don't believe we will ever stop the heroin epidemic. The drug and it's effects are too strong and mind-altering. We may convince some people that it is time to throw in the towel on the drug game and get clean, but the heroin issue will always be around. The drug is too strong and is capable of hooking anyone after a single use. If you become addicted to heroin, the options for you are growing, but the desire to get clean is the only way that will result in a positive ending.

We are seeing our jails and prisons explode in numbers and unable to hold all of the inmates. Heroin is causing inmates to go through withdrawal and depending on what state they are being held in depends on whether or not they will receive treatment.

The heroin trade is sucking in many youth because of the rough economy. They see a quick and easy way to make money. Without an education on the dangers of these drugs, they are playing with fire.  Before they know it, they are dealing just to pay for their own use. The lifestyle is maddening and often leads to violent criminal activities like burglaries and home invasions. The addicts are simply looking for anything worth money so they can sell it and pay for their next fix.

Heroin addicts come in all ages, genders and backgrounds. Once an addict are hooked on opiates, they go for the cheapest and strongest version around. Heroin is by far the easiest and cheapest opiate on the black market to get. Addicts will choose the drug over eating most of the time and the health of the addict begins to deteriorate.

Local governments are doing their best to get into the communities to educate both teenagers and their parents. They want the parents to learn signs of opiate abuse. The quicker the parents can pinpoint the problem with their child, the faster they can get them help. The longer an addict abuses opiates, the harder it is for them to get off. We know we will never completely destroy drugs in the country, but it would be fantastic to see the numbers begin to drop. When it comes to heroin though, I honestly do not see a happy ending any time soon.


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