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Opiates Affect Testosterone Levels

For many addicts who abuse opiates, they are chasing an unachievable high. They loved the way the drug made them feel when they first started using, and they want to feel that way all of the time. Over a long period of time abusing these drugs, the fun starts to dwindle away. You start to notice all the aspects of your life that are being drastically affected by your addiction. The idea of quitting may actually sound like a good idea. You start to research different ways to be successful in quitting and then you start to weigh the options that fit your particular situation. You do what is necessary for your situation and you detox off of the drugs. To your surprise, one of the symptoms you notice after you get off opiates is that your sex drive starts to return.

Many people who abuse opiates for a long period of time generally lose interest in sex. Most users do not take the time to understand why their sex life is being destroyed, but it's important to realize how opiates affect hormone levels in males. The damage that opiates do to your sex drive is not permanent.

Studies have shown that long-term opiate use may lead to opiate induced hypogonadism, resulting in significantly decreased testosterone levels in men. The link between opiate-induced hypogonadism and other side effects such as osteoporosis, sexual dysfunction, lack of libido, loss of muscle tone, decrease in muscle mass and strength in male patients has been clearly documented. Marked testosterone deficiency is a well established factor for both osteoporosis and altered sexual function. Recent information demonstrates that opiate use and altered estrogen levels in females may also play a role in these side effects as well.

Once the patient is free from opiate addiction and regains their health, their levels of testosterone and estrogen will return to normal. Supplementation is not advised due to the need to continue the supplement, which does not allow the body to signal it's own natural hormonal production. Do not go to your doctor and ask to be put on testosterone. If you a doctor was to prescribe you testosterone at this stage, your body may never start to produce its own testosterone again and that could have serious consequences which the body may never recover from.

Although the process of low testosterone levels is well documented and studied, many doctors are not keen to this symptom of opiate detox and recovery. If you are a male who abused opiates for a long period of time, your stamina during sex may be greatly affected in early recovery. You may be extremely sensitive but this will not last forever. Over time your testosterone levels will go back to normal and your body will feel healthy again. Eat right, staying clean, and exercising will be beneficial to your recovery.


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