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Heroin Assisted Treatment For Opiate and Heroin Addiction

We have heard the stories over and over again about the lives taken too early from opiate addiction. A good kid from a good home with great parents is found dead in the family bathroom. He has a needle in his arm and is never coming back. How did this happen to this young man that had the world at his fingertips? How could his life be so bad that he starts doing heroin? Wasn't he smart enough to know how dangerous that drug is? How could he do that to his parents? These are questions that are asked on a daily basis from friends and loved ones of people across the country who have lost someone to a heroin or painkiller overdose

This is becoming a very typical scenario in the lives of many families around the country. The sad truth is that the lack of education about prescription opiates has led to an enormous amount of overdoses from heroin. Teens are not understanding the dangers of prescription painkillers and are taking them recreationally. They become addicted very quickly and before they know it, they can no longer afford their habit and they switch to heroin. Heroin is much more dangerous than painkillers because the dosage varies dramatically from bag to bag, but it is much cheaper than painkillers.

The lucky ones that realize that their problem is out of control and survive the lifestyle long enough to get help have many options. Some people decide to go the “cold turkey” route and decide that they do not want to take a prescription medication to help them get off the drugs. For some they prefer going the all natural route and will take a product like CalmSupport to help them get clean the most natural way possible. Others will try prescription drugs like Subtex or Suboxone to help them stop using heroin or painkillers. Those medications work by tricking the brain into thinking it is still on opiates by filler the opiate receptors. Others will try a drug like Methadone. Methadone is commonly known as the last resort because for most addicts, it becomes a lifetime drug. The drug builds up in your system and has a very long half life. It is widely known to be the hardest medication to get off of and causes extreme withdrawal symptoms.

In some countries, Heroin assisted treatment is a part of their national healthcare system. Some of these countries include Switzerland, Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark and the United Kingdom. Additional trials are being carried out in Canada and Belgium. Heroin assisted treatment refers to the prescribing of synthetic, injectable heroin also known as diamorphine. Doctors actually prescribe and give heroin to addicts daily. For this group of patients, heroin assisted treatment has proven superior in improving their social and health situation. Heroin assisted treatment has shown to drastically lower crime rates as well as decrease transmission of blood borne diseases such as Hepatitis C and HIV. It is making such an impact in these countries that I truly believe the United States needs to look at this as a possible option for the opiate epidemic we are facing. It will help a small amount of people because most addicts do not want to have to rely on a drug for the rest of their lives. They are unable to leave the area or go on vacations because the drug is administered daily and the clinics never provide doses for patients to take with them. They need to visit their doctor daily for their dose. For the select community of people, it can have a major positive impact on both the addicts and their neighborhood.


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