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Celebrity Robin Thicke Shares His Battles With Prescription Painkillers

The music industry has always had it's share of "rock stars" dealing with drug and alcohol addiction. The life of a rock star can easily be filled with groupies, parties and dangerous temptations. They are surrounded by people that want to hang out with them, just to be in their presence.  Many groupies, managers, entourage want to make their "rock star" happy by providing and getting them whatever they want, including women, drugs, and alcohol. It is hard to distinguish who is their friend and who just wants to hang around the fame and all the perks of being near a celebrity. It is very easy to fall into the wrong crowd. Anything that you want can be at your fingertips when you are famous and that can lead to drug and alcohol abuse. When you are a rock star, people associate you with partying because of the shows you put on and the lifestyle that celebrities live. Everyone is in the party mood and you have to be a very strong person to walk away from it.

Throughout history, many famous musicians fell victim to overdoses. Jimmy Hendrix, Jim Morrison and Shannon Hoon are just a few famous rock stars that died young because of their addictions to opiates. Other famous musicians like Steven Tyler have been open about their struggles with drugs and the grips they had over them. Just recently, Robin Thicke shared his story of his drug and alcohol abuse.

Robin Thicke said in a deposition in April that he had been largely absent during the creation of "Blurred Lines", due to being under the influence of the opioid painkiller Vicodin mixed with alcohol. "I had a drug and alcohol problem for the year and I didn't do a sober interview. So I don't recall many things that I said," he said in the deposition. He added that he was no longer taking Vicodin.

Thicke became famous very quickly with the hit "Blurred Lines." The song blew up instantly and his song was playing everywhere. Many people in the industry questioned his health during the past year because of his erratic behavior. According to the R&B artist and producer Pharrell Williams who created the song "Blurred Lines," said in a deposition two days prior to Thicke's that he had composed the melody and wrote the lyrics for the hit single and that Thicke had "embellished" the origins of the song. Thicke led people on to think that he had played a more creative role in the creation of the song and Pharrell pretty much denies anything that Thicke had said.

Thicke was the brunt of many jokes after his performance at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards in New York on August 25, 2013. He performed "Blurred Lines" alongside Miley Cyrus and the performance became infamous. Many people criticized the performance as being "tasteless" and "disgusting" because of the sexual nature of the choreography. Hopefully now that he says he is clean, he will live a life free of drugs. But there is no doubt it's going to be a challenge. It's hard enough for regular addicts to stay clean, but being a celebrity makes it so much harder.


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