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Dangers Of Ordering Prescription Painkillers from Online Pharmacies

Technology has always made things more convenient. With advancements in technology comes the positives and negatives. One negative side effect of the internet and technology age is the ability to buy prescription pain medications online without a legal prescription by a licensed Medical Doctor. With pill mills being closed down at a rapid rate, dealers are looking for news ways to reach a large amount of buyers and are using the internet to do so.

It's scary to think how easy getting an illegal prescription has become. It's as simple as sitting down at a computer and with the knowledge of search engines, you can find practically any drug you want. You can pay for them online and have them on your front door step the following day. This provides a nightmare for the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) as well as friends and family members of addicts. How do you stop an unknown dealer with generally no identity from being able to receive funds and mail out drugs from different locations all over the world?

These website are usually up for a short few weeks before they are shut down. They literally pop up with new names on new websites minutes later. They are everywhere and not all of them actually pull through. It's easy to steal someone's money who wants prescription painkillers when they are trying to buy them illegally online. The buyer doesn't have much to stand on when reporting that a  website took their money without providing them the illegal substance they ordered.  Not only are many of the pharmacies outside of the country, but many work under aliases with fake addresses and information. It's also quite common that the medication you receive is not what you ordered.

If you are able to buy medications as dangerous and destructive as these online what is the next step to fighting this issue? We are no longer fighting a visible war where people go to someone's house or meet them in public to do a drug exchange. People are literally waking up in the morning, paying some bills on the internet and opening a new window to get some more pain pills so they don't run out.

The dangers behind buying prescription medications online are staggering. How do you send money to someone you have never seen or talked to in your life? Someone who is going to provide you with something illegal, that is going to be ingested into your body. You never know what it is you are taking, if it is legit, or if you will even receive it. Not to mention the risks of your package getting seized by customs. If so, you may be investigated. You better be able to explain yourself or you may be facing some time in prison. Don't get to the point where you are buying online. Your life is not worth the risk.


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