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Opiate Epidemic Creates Town Forums To Educate The Public

Opiate abuse is a hot topic around the country.  Most people have been affected in some way from the surge of opiate abuse, whether it's a family member or a friend. Every town in the country has been affected and it is most evident in the increasing crime rates. Towns that have been known for being safe and secure now warn their residents to lock their cars and houses. Many of these petty crimes can be linked directly to opiates. Opiate addicts need to find the means to support their habit and robberies are becoming more common.

The suburbs have seen significant amounts of crime due to the opiate problem. Heroin has moved into towns that have never had issues with drugs before. This is directly caused by the prescription opiate problems from the early to late 2000's. Pharmaceutical companies have changed their formulas to make them harder to tamper with. Opiate painkillers have also became more expensive on the black market. Heroin has been the alternative for those who continue to use. Heroin is just as strong and in many cases stronger than painkillers, but it is more dangerous. The reason it is so dangerous is due to the fact that the potency of the drug can never be measured. Unlike prescription opiates where you know exactly what strength you are getting each time, heroin can vary from batch to batch, and even from bag to bag.

Homes that have young teenagers need to educate them on the dangers of opiate abuse. In many cases, addicts are born from abusing prescription pills from either their own parents medicine cabinets or from a friend's home. Statistically they say 7th grade is the right age to speak to children about opiate abuse.  At that age they are old enough to understand the dangers that are connected with drug abuse but still young enough before they are influenced by peer pressure. Sure there may be some cases where teens are put into a situation where drugs are in front of them before 7th grade, but that age is what is recommended for education.

If you look in your local newspaper you will start to notice a lot of articles being written about the opiate epidemic. It has decimated families that never would have thought there child would use. Overdoes are now the leading cause of accidental deaths in the United States and the statistics are not just coming from the big cities. To combat the issue, town hall meetings and forums have become very popular. Substance abuse counselors, police and healthcare professionals are usually the people leading the forums along with local government officials. Their main purpose is to educate and spread the awareness of what is going on in the town. They are highly affective and teach citizens many things to look out for if they have children or teens living in their home. If you are interested in learning more about opiate abuse contact your local health department. Chances are very high that they have all the information you could ask for and may even have forums in your area to attend.


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