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Education On Opiate Abuse Is Needed To Save Lives

There is no secret that abusing opiates is deadly. It strips your mind of all ambitions, changes your drive, personality and brain chemistry. Once hooked on the drugs, they take control over your life. The brain and body crave the drug and the need for using erases the danger and the consequences from your thinking.

People from the outside looking in on someone who has overdosed do not understand or comprehend why someone would put their life in danger for a high. Addiction is impossible to understand if you have never experienced it. The abuser never thinks that the hit they will take next will kill them. They just go about using as if it was part of their daily routine until the hit they take is too potent and causes a deadly reaction.

I am tired of going to funerals for good people who are lost to addiction. The number of funerals that I have attended because of drugs, especially opiates, is sad. It is very hard to sit there and know that the person who passed away didn't receive the help they needed. That those individual never reached a place in their heart and mind that they wanted to get clean. Circumstances did not work in their favor to move past the abuse. I know many of you reading this may have lost friends or family to opiate abuse, or have dealt with addiction.

According to Federal Officials, heroin and prescription opiates are now claiming more lives than violent crimes and car crashes. The availability of heroin has never been so easy to get or the potency so strong. This is because the supply of heroin is so abundant, driving down the price.  Average prices around the United States for a bag of heroin is between $4-$20. Four dollars for a bag of heroin was once unheard of. Now it's common place, and it's taking lives. This puts addicts in extreme danger because the user never knows how strong a bag of heroin will be. In the past, users would complain that the bags they purchased were not strong enough, leading many to use more, pay more, and less likely to overdose. Today, the prices are so low and the strength so high that a small amount of heroin could kill a seasoned user. In New York City and Knoxville, Tennessee the number of deaths from opiates is double that of homicides.

How do we put a dent into the amount of people dying from opiates? Stronger education on the dangers of the drugs is necessary. It is important to bring recovering opiate addicts into the school systems to educate the children and young teens on the dangers and the lifestyles associated with being an opiate addict. There is no longer a reason to sugar coat this issue and the raw uncut reality of these drugs needs to be taught before teens are influenced by peer pressure at the age of 13.


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