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Painkiller Epidemic Keys In On Doctor's Over-Prescribing

Prescription painkillers are being abused all over the world. During the past 20 years in the United States the rate of opiate use has skyrocketed. Patients are getting hooked on painkillers and after using for a while, building up tolerance and being unable to afford their addiction make the switch to heroin. Recently some professionals have asked the question, “Are doctors the main culprits of the over prescribing of painkillers? Are they at fault for the mass amount of people who are addicted?”

It is easy to blame the issue on a similar group of people, but unfortunately that would just be naive. Sure there are many doctors who know that they are prescribing too many painkillers. They know that their patients are not in pain and they are only there to fill prescriptions to either abuse or sell on the black market. There are plenty of these doctors who are caught week in and week out. They destroy the oath they had sworn as healthcare professionals and disregard the safety of the people they are prescribing to make money. The amount of money is in the millions for many “dirty doctors” and some of them have no problem taking the risks for the big bucks.

For doctors who are prescribing to their patients too many painkillers, it may be a lack in addiction education. It is widely known that doctors in medical school receive an extremely small amount of education on addiction. Some say as little as one day is given to the case. This is a major issue and needs to be looked at by the medical schools. If doctors understood what kind of problem over-prescribing causes, the majority of them would look to different options for the health of their patients. I am not a fan of people bashing medical doctors and blaming them as the main reason, because most doctors are not bad people. They chose a profession to help people who are hurt or ill.

Over-prescribing does happen and I hear about it daily from people who reach out to me. The amounts of medication some of these patients are on is just insane in my opinion. Someone who suffers from pain that is 22 years old should not be on 180 Roxicodone 30mg pills per month. The amount of people I talk to who have multiple painkiller prescriptions is just not acceptable. They even admit to me that it is way too much and the doctors just keep prescribing more. When some of them ask to be put on a lower dose, the doctors insist that they will be in pain if they reduce it. This is a major problem because it's just feeding the patient more and more opiates.

It is important to listen to medical doctors, but you can always get a second opinion from another doctor. Doctors are human, and they are not always right for your particular instance.  Another doctor may save you from a long hard road of abuse and addiction. If you second guess the amounts of medications you are on and think you may have a problem, please have a conversation with your doctor. It may save your life.


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