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Purdue Pharma Releases New Tamper Proof Oxycodone Pill Called Targiniq ER

Oxycodone is one of the most abused prescription medications in the world. When you abuse oxycodone, you feel a strong feeling of euphoria. Many abusers also find themselves with more energy and an overall sense of "well being". Unfortunately many people enjoy the euphoric feeling that opiates provide and become addicted. When abused, oxycodone acts very similar to the street drug heroin. Oxycodone affects neurotransmitters and the overall functions of the brain. Certain chemicals begin to deplete while others rise. The chemical imbalance causes the body to become addicted to the opiates. After some time, the abusers need the medication to just feel normal. When the medication is not administered, withdrawal symptoms begin.

Oxycodone is a very popular drug on the black market. In 1997, Purdue Pharma released an extended release oxycodone pill called Oxycontin. This medication became very popular and over time, the amount of abusers began to grow. By the mid 2000's the drug was being abused in all towns large and small across the country. The black market was flooded with the drug because it was easy to abuse, and provided a euphoric high.  When the pills were crushed, the abuser received a high dosage of oxycodone immediately. It was widely regarded as "hillbilly heroin". The drug took many lives and created thousands of addicts. To stop abuse of their famous medication, Purdue Pharma stopped making the easily crushed form of their medication and released a brand new version in August of 2010. The new pill was created to help curb the abuse.  The new version of the pill had tamper resistant qualities built into it.  When an addict crushed the new pill, it turned into a gel-like substance.  Do not get me wrong, the drug can still be abused, it just made it harder to do so. An abuser can still chew the medication in order to receive the immediate release oxycodone but it was impossible to snort or shoot this pill intravenously when crushed.

Purdue Pharma has just had a new pain medication approved by the FDA called Targiniq ER. This medication in my personal opinion is brilliant. The drug is an extended release oxycodone pill that also contains Naloxone. Naloxone is a medication I have written about numerous times before. It is most widely known by the name Narcan or the “second chance” drug. It's sole purpose is the reverse the affects of an opiate overdose and is saving lives all over the country since being given to first responders to carry. Naloxone has been around since the 1970's but because of the opiate epidemic, the drug is becoming a household name and spoken about very frequently in the newspapers.

Targiniq ER is the first opiate prescription painkiller of it's kind. The extended release oxycodone pill will perform the same way that any other extended release oxycodone pill would when taken correctly. What makes this medication so amazing is that it is impossible to tamper with in order to make it immediate release. The pill contains Naloxone. When tampered with, Naloxone mixes with the oxycodone making the pill useless. It no longer has any pain relieving abilities because the Naloxone knocks off oxycodone from your brain receptors. Naloxone pretty much just erases any affects of the pill. This new medication will probably replace Oxycontin and become Purdue Pharma's number one seller. It will help to protect physicians and patients and will reduce it's abusive qualities.  I feel this is a step in the right direction for helping to reduce opiate abuse.


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