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A Clean Life Free of Opiates For All The Right Reasons

I hear it multiple times per day, “I want to get clean for...” and the rest is filled in with every excuse under the sun except the word that matters most, "me". You can look at the destruction opioids have caused in your life. The terrible decisions you have made and the repercussions they have caused you. Looking at the ruined relationships and the loss of trust from family members. How your bank account has diminished and losing that dream job came at the worst possible time. You begin to doubt yourself and wonder when you can ever look into your child's eyes with a sober mind and have the energy to play with them. To give them the mother or father you know they deserve and most importantly know you can be.

People tell me everyday why they want to get clean. They feel like they have been so selfish during their active addiction. I by no means argue with the person. When you are addicted, you are extremely selfish.  You take and do as you please in order to get what you need to keep going. You hurt many people along the way and sometimes break relationships that can never be mended. What people need to understand is when you decide to get clean for you...is when the success is around the corner. Early recovery will be without a doubt the most selfish time in your life. It is this way for good reasons and I will explain.

Recovery is a time for you to work on your own issues. What drives you to use? How can you make yourself a better person? Are you willing to do whatever it takes to live clean for today? You may not have the answers to the first two questions in the beginning and which is ok, but you have to say yes to the third.  If you are willing to do whatever it takes to live clean for just today, you will succeed. Going into recovery is like going into the unknown. So many things to consider. If you act as though your life depends on it (which it does), nothing can stop you from achieving your goal to live clean for today. Your goals should be realistic. If the goals you create are far fetched or are very hard to attain, you may be setting the bar too high for the beginning. A simple goal of staying clean for 12 hours at a time is outstanding. You will get stronger over time and you can make goals that fit your situation.

Make your recovery your number one priority every single day. It comes before everything else and the reason for this is because if you don't, you will end up back using. You will become sick and may lose the people around you, the house you live in and the car you drive will be gone. Most importantly you will not be happy or productive to yourself or the people you love. Sobriety is a life-long journey and your new life can be more incredible than you can ever imagine. It's time to get clean for you.


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