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The Dangers of Using Methadone For Opiate Recovery

Yesterday I wrote how Ohio is putting together a team of professionals to help with the growing opiate epidemic in their state. They recently had a conference where they provided their options for changing the way things are being done. Most of the emphasis was placed on medication-assisted help such as Methadone and Suboxone. I have a problem with pushing these medications as ways to get clean because to some degree you are not clean. You are still taking an opiate according to the brain and the effects of these medications may cause you more harm than just going cold turkey or going a natural route. Methadone is a dangerous medication and I want my readers to know a little bit more about it.

We have all heard constantly in the news about the epidemic of heroin and opioid painkiller addiction taking lives all over the country. What you don't hear about too often is that Methadone causes double the amount of deaths as heroin. A replacement drug used to treat heroin addiction, Methadone is very cheap and long lasting. For this reason, many family doctors are using Methadone to treat addiction. The lack of education when it comes to Methadone is astounding and I feel Methadone should not even be considered as an option for recovery. I have a bold stance on this medication because I have seen first hand the destruction it causes people in recovery.

Methadone was first introduced in Germany in 1937 and it has been long known that Hitler gave it to his troops to “numb” death. Methadone today is responsible for over 5,000 overdoses per year. You read that correctly. How does that help you in recovery? At very high doses it stops the body from creating a euphoric feeling from heroin or morphine. Methadone builds up over time in the body. So stabilizing takes a bit of time and because of this reason, many people overdue their methadone and overdose. Methadone works the same as heroin and morphine on the brain, filling the exact same receptors. It also provides very similar high's. So when people are put on Methadone, they are by no means clean. They are on a maintenance program that keeps them from using street drugs.

People ask me all the time what my take is on Methadone. I tell people that if they are offered Methadone treatment, run in the other direction. Methadone is by all means the LAST resort when it comes to getting off of heroin or painkillers. Methadone is a life long maintenance program that is administered daily. Usually the patient must go to a clinic daily to receive their medication. Imagine having to go to the doctor everyday for the rest of your life. In most cases they will not give you doses in advance, so you can count out going on vacation or missing a few days here and there. Otherwise your levels will become unstable and you most likely will be released from the program. Doctors who run these programs have very strict rules including zero tolerance for missing appointments. I believe it is to keep the addict on program the best way they can.

Before you jump into a Methadone program like the state of Ohio believes you should, please do your research. I feel Methadone should be the last resort program. Make sure you have tried all available options before embarking on the use of Methadone. Methadone is a life-long treatment program that needs to be taken very seriously. Doses must be kept very stable and your life really revolves around your next dosage. If you miss a dosage, your levels will be off and withdrawal symptoms will occur. Methadone withdrawal has been known to have one of the worst withdrawal symptoms. My recommendation is before you take that first dose, make sure you are ready to do this everyday for the rest of your life.


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