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Prostitution Fueled By Prescription Opiate Painkillers And Heroin

The majority of heroin addicts start off by getting hooked on prescription painkillers. Opioid painkillers are now considered the new “gateway drug.” Abusers may recreationally try prescription painkillers once or twice and enjoy the way it makes them feel. For some users they feel more social and energetic and some even feel like they are more productive when using opiates. They search for more of the pills to chase this feeling again. Eventually they find themselves taking the pills everyday. The habit quickly grows into a problem and when they are unable to get the pills and they feel the first signs of withdrawal. To end the withdrawals they do whatever they can to find more pills. The usage grows into a habit that eventually outgrows their finances and they make the switch to the cheaper version, heroin.

The opiate epidemic has been destroying lives for over a decade. It is no secret that opiate use can be deadly. It strips your mind of all ambitions, changes your drive, personality and brain chemistry. Once hooked on the drugs the danger falls to the wayside due to the fact that you are using every day. It also makes you desperate for more of the drug when you run out. You start to do things you never dreamed of doing while you were clean. Committing crimes and acting erratic are very common for those who are addicted to opiates. Over time the addict begins shooting the drugs intravenously for a more intense high. With the more intense high comes more of a craving. They begin to do dangerous things to feed their addiction.

Besides committing burglaries and selling the drugs they are addicted to, prostitution is a very common way for both women and men to earn money to fuel their addiction. In the Louisville, Kentucky area, police busted a prostitution ring of opiate addicts. According to the police, David “Cuz” McNeary was a pimp who ran a prostitution ring made up of at least 4 women. He used heroin to keep control of the women and used the drug to keep them coming back and working for him. The prostitution ring was eventually brought down by some undercover work and an informant for the police. They had video and audio surveillance of the crimes being committed and one of the women who was working as a prostitute sold Xanax to an undercover police informant.

This story goes to show how much control heroin has over an addict. This pimp was able to control his women and make them have sex for money because of their addiction to opiates. The majority of money made in these transactions is given to the pimp. The prostitutes make little to no money. They perform these dirty and dangerous acts on a daily basis for the ability to receive their heroin. If they do not perform their duties for the pimp, they will get sick and go through withdrawals. The heroin has complete control over their mind, actions and body. This is the ultimate example that heroin will make you do things you never imagined you would do when you were clean. If you or someone you know is addicted to drugs please seek professional help immediately.


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