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New Jersey Creates Website To Educate Public On Opiate Addiction

My home state of New Jersey has been ravaged by the opiate epidemic. Every day I turn on the news and read the newspaper about the opiate problem facing the state. Many newspapers have even created pages dedicated to the opiate issues facing the state.  I have lost many friends to opiate overdoses and even more people I know have done a lot of damage to their lives because of their addiction. All the hard work that was put in at college and in their jobs has been flushed down the toilet because they can't get away from their desire to use opiates.

Opiate addiction reaches and affects people of all ages, races, social backgrounds and religions. It's not only found in large cities but in the smallest of towns all across the United States. Many people I speak with tell me that their town is at the worst it has ever been. The truth is that opiates are everywhere and are taking the lives of good people who lost control of their addiction. Once the drug has a grasp on you, it digs it's claws deep into your soul and it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to take your life back.

The state of New Jersey has been making a lot of changes to the way opiates are administered. They are also trying their best to educate the public about the dangers of opiates. One issue is that the state is lacking facilities and worse, insurance companies refuse to pay for addiction based treatment. Many people begin to feel hopeless and that there is no help out there for them. Educating the public on what opiates are and how they effect the body is extremely important. The age that children are being introduced to prescription painkillers keeps dropping and many professionals say that children in the 7th grade should now be taught about the dangers of prescription painkillers.

The state of New Jersey recently released their new website under the Governor's Council On Alcoholism And Drug Abuse that is teaching those interested in learning about the dangers of opiates. I read over the site and I am actually impressed with the amount of information that is on it. If you are looking for help and services that can lead you to getting help, simply check out the site and search for topics that you are interested in at: http://knowaddiction.nj.gov/

More states need to launch site like that of New Jersey's. The more we pound the information to the public, the better chances it will stick with our youth. Prescription painkillers are the new gateway drug.


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