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Free Opiate Recovery Social Networking Website for Addicts and Friends & Family of Addicts

All around the world, opioid drugs are destroying lives. It may start off as a small habit but quickly escalates to something that can not be controlled. Every part of your life that mattered before opiates now takes a back seat. Getting your next fix is all you can focus on. It is a crazy lifestyle that becomes exhausting and most people want to get clean, but don't realize how strong opiate addiction is. If getting clean was so simple, all addicts would simply quit, but it's not that easy.

In my first year of recovery I started a blog called FreeFromHell. It was my uncut story about what I went through during recovery.  I shared knowledge that I learned during my short time in recovery. It became my passion to write and share my story with others facing the same problems. Soon I was getting emails and phone calls from loyal readers who could relate. I also had people contacting me for advice. It gave me a purpose to maintain my sobriety and it also made me accountable to those who believed in me. The blog grew and grew and landed me in magazines, radio shows and on national television.

Talking to people daily about recovery and sharing advice with others, helped to keep my mind and body clean of opiates. Soon people were asking for more from the blog and I decided to take a very big step into turning it into a social networking website in 2011. Fast forward three years and the site has a few thousand members, a real-time chat room, thousands of blogs and a forum. People go onto FreeFromHell for support and advice and also to find other people who are facing the same issues.

Nothing in this world would have ever made me think that a blog I started for my own personal use would grow into a large scale recovery networking website. Hundreds of people have told me that FreeFromHell has either saved their life or has been key in their recovery. The website is 100% free and is run by members of the website. I have made a few loyal members administrators on the site and they are in control of content.

After a stressful day at work, or if you are having cravings, FreeFromHell is always there for you. The site is operational 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The chat room holds many knowledgeable conversations that anyone can join in on. Unlike meetings, there is always people there to talk to and many of the members give out their personal phone numbers for someone to talk with.  When going through recovery it's  good to have someone available to listen who has also experienced opiate addiction. The bond on the site is strong and people quickly become close and helpful with one another. There are many members who have become good friends through the site.

If you are looking for an anonymous online group that is full of advice and positive messages, FreeFromHell is the place for you. Take a few minutes out of your day to sign up for free and see what the buzz is about. I promise you will be happy with the advice and information on the site.

You can read more and visit the site at: http://www.FreeFromHell.com


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