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Natural Ways To Relax In During Opiate Withdrawal and Recovery

Being new to recovery can be very stressful and taxing on both your mind and body. You have just gone through the detoxification of opiates from your system, which could be very stressful. Many opiate addicts used opioids to help relax. It was your go-to drug of choice to feel normal and get away from the stresses in the world. Obviously opiates are extremely dangerous.  They are deadly and can do a lot of damage to your mind, body and life when abused.  Now that you are clean of opiates, how do you fill the void that opiates left? You can find natural and healthy ways to relax and make yourself at ease.

During withdrawal and in your beginning recovery stages, you owe it to your body to be as healthy as possible. Eating a well balanced diet filled with vitamins and nutrients is paramount to healing the damage that opiates have caused. Staying hydrated keeps your body operating at it's highest level and it is recommended that you drink 8-10, eight ounce glasses per day. It really is amazing how much better you feel just by drinking enough fluids. It is such a simple thing to do and your body rewards you with better skin and not to mention how great it is for your organs and digestion system.

Also make exercise a daily routine in your schedule. Plan your workouts the week before and push yourself to get into the best shape you can. I really enjoyed running early into my recovery and found that it was very therapeutic for me.  Not only was it a great workout, but it gave me time to think about what was going on in my life and how I could better myself.

Relaxing can sometimes be very hard for people in recovery. For many of you, the reason you started using in the first place was because you never knew how to control your emotions or calm down. Any way to help naturally calm your body will be beneficial. Yoga has been around for centuries. It is great for your mind body and soul. People who avidly go to yoga swear by its ability to calm them down while giving them a great workout. If you have never gone to a yoga class, definitely start in a beginner's class. It involves a lot of stretching so if you are not flexible, start slow and build on it.

Meditation is also an outstanding way to calm down your mind and body. I meditate every day for 5 minutes. Those 5 minutes are all I need to relax and put my mind at ease. It is amazing how concentrating on your breathing and freeing your mind can be so rewarding. After you complete your meditation session, you will feel refreshed and ready do whatever task that is next in your day whether it is work or heading to bed.

It is extremely important to live a healthy lifestyle in recovery. Opiates did a lot of damage to your mind and body and you need to refresh your body to the best of your ability. Good luck on your recovery and stay positive!


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