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Using Your Experience With Opiate Addiction to Lead a Positive Life

Millions of people around the world become addicted to many different things.  Whether it is with drugs, gambling, alcohol or sex, it happens to people of all races, genders, ages and religions. Addiction can take everything away from you and many forms of addiction can even be deadly.  Have you ever thought of your experience with addiction as a positive? When you become successful in recovery and have a stable platform of support, you can look back on the life you lived and the experiences you faced and put that energy towards your life now.

Time and time again I hear back from people who reached out to me early in their recovery. The fear of the unknown in sobriety scares the pants off of many former addicts. They look to me to just give them a little nudge and let them know that life is good when you are clean. You will be happy and you can lead an amazing and happy life free of opiates. The greatest part about helping people, is hearing back from them once they are successful. It doesn't matter if it is 6 months, a year, or two years later. To hear that a former addict has turned around their life is incredible to hear.

Getting phone calls and hearing how addicts have changed their life is really amazing. I have spoken with people who were close to going broke and losing their homes who turned their life around and have since started new businesses, rekindled their relationships and living a happy life. I've spoken to countless addicts who were worried that they would never be happy again who now wake up sober and look forward to each new day.

The turnarounds I experience from talking with people on a daily bases makes me wonder what kind of affect addiction has on those people with the right frame of mind. I always say to keep a positive mental attitude and to never let yourself get down because yesterday is gone and tomorrow may never come. Take control of the only time you have which is the present moment. Focus on living for today. Each day of sobriety is another step to living a healthy life free of opiates.

I can totally relate that life of an addict can be horrible at times. You live in a sense of pure hell. Being completely controlled by a drug or act that destroys your life is very depressing. Living day to day in a personal hell can show you a very dark side to life, and I lived through it myself. But when you become successful in recovery it can teach you how precious and amazing life is.

I hear many times from recovering addicts that they are glad that they went through such negative times in their life. By breaking through the negative, they can now enjoy the positive life they are living.  Living through an addiction gives people a perspective that the average Joe may never experience. In my eyes it gives you an advantage and provides motivation to be the best you can be. Nothing will ever be as bad as being addicted and knowing that you now have control of your life and actions is priceless. So when you start to have a bad day in recovery, remember where you came from and how terrible you used to feel and realize that you can change for the better. Stay strong and stay clean.


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