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Celebrities Who are Successful in Opiate and Heroin Recovery

In today's society we always hear negative stories about celebrities. Tabloids exploit them when they are at their worst, but you rarely hear stories about celebrities who beat their addictions.  Over a month ago, Academy Award winner Philip Seymour Hoffman died tragically of a heroin overdose in his New York City apartment. In his apartment over 50 bags of heroin were found. Hoffman battled with drug addiction early in his twenties and had a successful stint in rehab. He was clean for almost 20 years when he relapsed and eventually overdosed ending his life.

Celebrities are in the spotlight every time they step out of their house.  With the enormous stress they carry due to their careers, they are sometimes pushed over the edge. It is very common to hear about celebrities abusing drugs and alcohol. If you open any tabloid magazine on any given day you will see pictures and read stories about those people and how their lives have spiraled out of control.

I love reading about successful stories of those in recovery, whether it is from someone who emails, texts, or calls me. I created the website FreeFromHell.com which is a free social networking website for addicts to talk with others who have gone through recovery and to help support each other.

It also makes me happy to see celebrities who did not become a statistic or fall into the trap of Hollywood's famous overdoses such as John Belushi, Chris Farley and River Phoenix. The list of celebrities who have died from drug use has grown over the past few decades. The tabloids normally skip the success stories of celebrities like Robert Downey Jr. or rapper Eminem.   Stories about the celebrities who have beat addiction should be used as examples that celebrities too can overcome their addictions.

One celebrity that has been successful in recovery for quite some time is Jaime Lee Curtis. You might remember her from movies like, “Trading Places,” “Halloween” or “True Lies.” She also played the mother of troubled actress Lindsey Lohan in “Freaky Friday.”

Curtis became addicted to prescription painkillers at the age of 35 after she had taken them from pain associated with cosmetic surgery on her eyes. She said that the stress of keeping the perfect image in Hollywood led her to get the surgery more than 15 years ago after a cameraman pointed out that she was developing bags under her eyes. Curtis became addicted to the pills and used to them to get high.  She also started drinking heavily as well.  She was depressed about her image and also felt very lonely. She even stole prescription painkillers from her sister after her sister had broken a bone and was staying at Curtis' mansion for recovery.

Curtis now is very successful in her recovery. She is very open about her addiction and even helps out her community. Curtis works as a volunteer counselor on anti-drug campaigns, and when she talks to recovering addicts she advises them to keep reminders of their shame. Curtis is the type of celebrity to look up to because she has been through the addicted life and came out the other side happy and healthy.


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