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Doctor's Are Prescribing Heroin? Information About The Heroin Maintenance Program

With opiate abuse reaching epidemic proportions worldwide, countries are looking for new and unique ways of combating the problem. With opiate addiction at the highest levels in history, many experts are looking for unique solutions to the problem. Some of the solutions they are coming up with has me completely baffled. I understand how strong opiate addiction is. I've personally been through it. Every day I work on maintaining sobriety, yet when I hear about some new techniques that are being used to treat opiate addiction, especially heroin it has me completely shocked. With the amount of information available online about opiate withdrawals and addiction, it can easily confuse the addict as to the solution to getting clean. The problem is that not every expert has a good solution for the problem. Some ideas are downright insane.

There are many ways to treat opiate addiction. Everyone knows that an addict can go to a rehabilitation center to learn about their addiction and give them the tools to learn how to break their addiction. Understanding that certain changes in their lifestyle can influence their cravings for using the drug they became addicted to. There is groups and meetings that an addict can attend to hear others' stories about their life and make friends with people who are now sober, such as AA or DA (town meetings for addicts). One of the most popular treatments is opiate replacement therapy, where a doctor prescribes either Buprenorphine or Morphine, or others such as Methadone or Suboxone. Then there are natural routes an addict can take like our product CalmSupport which helps to ease symptoms of opiate withdrawal.

Unique ways of combating heroin use pops up from time to time and gains popularity on one side while receiving extreme opposition on the other. Some countries like Switzerland, Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark, Canada and the United Kingdom are starting to use heroin replacement therapy, or what is known as heroin maintenance. Healthcare professionals actually prescribe heroin for medicinal purposes to heroin addicts.

Now before you become outraged that doctors are prescribing heroin to heroin addicts, there are some benefits to this program. Crime rates in these countries dropped drastically when heroin became prescribed. Obviously there is less crime from heroin addicts stealing and committing crimes that were fueled to help them finance their addiction. It gives the user a stable means of having the drug, able to know the purity of the heroin for each use and provides a clean environment for them to use. This cuts down on overdoses and blood born diseases common with heroin users such as Hepatitis and HIV/AIDS.

I have a few issues about heroin replacement therapy. First, it's not a solution to drug addiction. If anything it's allowing an addict to continue their abuse of the drug which is only going to increase as their tolerance builds. Addiction is hard to break, especially to heroin, but it's important to realize that no one can be a heroin addict forever. Jail, or death is usually the outcome. These centers that issue heroin are monitored by professionals who have Narcan to help if someone overdoses. This makes for users to try higher amounts of heroin hoping to reach a greater high, knowing there are professionals to help them if they overdose.

If we were to legalize heroin for medicinal reasons in the United States, I am sure that the outcome will be grim. Yes, it may lower the crime rates but it will not stop the extreme abuse seen in the United States. In fact, it may actually make the problem worse. Though it's hard to believe the epidemic getting worse, it can. I feel that prescribing heroin for those who are addicted would be detrimental to our society. I do not see this becoming a reality in the United States and I really hope to see more restrictions on the pharmaceuticals being prescribed already.


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